How to change your Gmail signature

While it may seem daunting at first, changing your signature on Gmail is quite straight forward with the whole procedure taking less than 2 minutes — if you know how. In the instructions below, we will show how in 7 steps how to change your signature to the one you created on FlowCV (or any other, really).


Click on the settings icon in the top right corner


In the menu that opens up, select 'See all settings'


Within the 'General' tab (open by default within settings), under 'Signature', click on 'Create new'


Give your signature a new, this can be anything is up for you to choose


Now paste the signature that your copied from FlowCV in the very first step of the process


Below the text input where you copied the signature into, there is a drop down menu — select the name that you have given to the new signature


Done 🎉 — now every new email you send will contain your signature!