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Stay organized and save time during your job hunt with the FlowCV Job Tracker.

The FlowCV Job Tracker enables centralized management of all your job opportunities and applications in one place.

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Tired of disorganized, scattered job hunting? Take control with the intuitive FlowCV Job Tracker. Easily save and track relevant postings and manage your applications. Your journey to landing your dream job starts now. With centralized organization and tracking, simplified application management, and seamless documenting, finding and landing your perfect role has never been easier. Kickstart your job search the smart way with the FlowCV Job Tracker.

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Fast, intuitive and versatile. Tracking of tasks, status and documents.

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Add Job Details

Easily save job postings by linking to the online listing. Input key details like salary, location, description, and any other important information. Keep everything you need in one place.

Upload Documents

Store all the materials for each application securely in one spot. Upload your cover letters, resumes, interview notes, offer letters, and any other important documents. Never scramble to find what you need again.

Track Status

Use the Kanban board to visually track your application from start to finish. Move each job between columns like Wishlist, Applied, Interviewing, Offer Received, Rejected to see your status at a glance.

Take Control of Your Job Search

The FlowCV Job Tracker enables centralized management of all your opportunities and applications in one place. Streamline your job search and hiring process.

Easy Job Saving

Stay Organized: Easily save and track relevant job postings, prospects, and application details all in one place.

Application Status Tracking

See Progress: Visually track all your pending applications from start to finish on an intuitive kanban board.

Access Anywhere

Your Materials On the Go: Flexibly access cover letters, resumes, interviews notes, and other application materials from anywhere.

Task Management

Create tasks like follow-ups and to-do's to stay on top of next steps.

Market Insights

Document salary ranges, skills and trends for your target positions.

Performance Tracking

Review your job search progress and success rate over time.

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Unlock the Easiest Path to Your Dream Job

Say goodbye to job search chaos and hello to streamlined success. FlowCV's Job Tracker is your key to a smoother, more organized job application journey.

Centralized Tracking

Keep all your job prospects, postings, and application details in one secure hub. No more hunting through emails or folders.

Status Visibility

Know where you stand at a glance. Our intuitive Kanban board lets you track your applications effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FlowCV Job Tracker?

The FlowCV Job Tracker is a tool designed to help you stay organized during your job search. It centralizes the management of all your job opportunities and applications in one place, making it easier to save, track, and manage relevant job postings and application details.

What features does the FlowCV Job Tracker offer?

The FlowCV Job Tracker provides several features, including: • Easy job saving by linking to online listings. • Document storage for all application materials like cover letters, resumes, and interview notes. • Visual application status tracking through a Kanban board.

Is the Job Tracker included in the basic plan?

Yes, the Job Tracker is included in the basic plan.

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