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Paulo DiogoWeb Developer

Passionate, goal-oriented self-taught developer committed to clean code, industry best practices, and innovation. Detail-oriented with a proactive problem-solving approach, I bring motivation, effective communication, and a dedication to continuous learning for collaborative success in dynamic IT environments.

JavaScript|TypeScript|Web Components|Svelte|Vue|React|Node|CSS/SCSS|HTML|REST|GraphQL|Git|Gitlab CI|Agile/Scrum/Kanban
Professional Experience
2022.06 – presentRemote, Germany
Freelance Web Developer, TUI

At TUI, a leading global travel and tourism company, I initially worked as a Web Developer within my development company. Subsequently, following the closure of the company, I seamlessly transitioned into a freelance developer role. Collaborating in a diverse, international team, I specialize in micro frontend development, contributing to essential web components and landing pages. Operating in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment, I play a crucial role in crafting high-performing user interfaces that enhance TUI's online platform.


Web components, Micro frontends, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, CSS/SCSS, Eleventy SSG, Vite, Vitest, REST and GraphQL API’s consumption, Gitlab CI/CD, AWS cloud services.

2021.10 – 2023.12Portugal/Germany/Netherlands
Co-Founder and Web Developer, Codekultur

Established and managed a custom development company, specializing in software integration and digital product development. Oversaw project management, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction. Managed administration and financial aspects, including budgeting and invoicing.

Worked closely with clients and collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration and implementation of effective solutions delivering high-quality code within specified timelines and budget constraints.


Bebion - Automotive industry

Delivered a tailored solution aimed at digitizing processes and data integration. Implemented a high-quality, performant web portal featuring a decoupled architecture, optimizing it for multi-application development.

Paulo Diogo
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DEKRA - Quality control industry

Collaboration in the development of a React Native application for iOS and Android operating systems.

Miele X - Home appliances industry

Contributed to the development of international e-commerce upper funnel pages, utilizing a micro frontends architecture. I played a key role in creating and integrating reusable web components and styles. Actively contributed to the evolution of a cross-projects, framework-agnostic library comprising reusable web components, styles, and utilities.


Web components, Micro frontends, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, Svelte, Stencil JS, React Native, CSS/SCSS, Tailwind, Eleventy SSG, Sanity CMS, REST and GraphQL API’s consumption, Gitlab CI/CD, AWS cloud services.

2020.11 – 2021.10Portugal
Frontend Developer, Mercedes-Benz.io

At Mercedes-Benz, I enhanced the global e-commerce platform by improving and implementing features in a large Vue project. Working in an agile Scrum framework, I contributed to an efficient development process, honing technical skills, and gaining insights into managing large-scale projects for a globally recognized brand.


JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, Vuex and custom redux state management, Vue Router, web components, micro frontends integration with Vue and Stencil JS, REST API’s consumption, Sass, Jest, Jenkins CI/CD.

2019.06 – 2020.10Portugal
Frontend Developer, Diamond by Bold

As a developer for a digital agency, I took part and built a wide range of projects from small marketing campaign websites, to large applications and enterprise tools. Project switching was very common and team support, estimations and project management also made part of my day.


JavaScript, Vue, Vuex, Vue Router. RESTful services and API’s consumption. Sass and reponsive mobile first development.

2018 – present
Self-taught Developer

On 2018 I decided to embark on a journey to learn about an area that has always attracted me and through the years became more and more present. I developed frontend programming skills with a self-taught and self-planned education base and now with 5 years of professional experience in software development, my frontend expertise has grown and solidified.

As a life-time learner, I’m interested in expanding my knowledge into different development areas such as backend and devops.

Lisbon, Portugal
High School diploma, 12th Grade
Paulo Diogo
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Playing music|Surfing|Outdoor activities
Paulo Diogo
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