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Oğulcan ÖzügençSenior System Specialist
İstanbul, Turkey
16 Jun 1992
B Driving Licence

I have been passionate about technology since I was a child. That's why I chose to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bahçeşehir University. After my graduation, I had several trainings and job experiences. Besides those, I have always been learning about and experiencing new technologies and systems. I love solving problems that I encounter while trying new subjects. I am also blogging on my website in my free time to share my knowledge with everyone.

With 7 years of experience, I am working as a Microsoft Systems Administrator at TAV Technologies right now. We provide in-house software product development, contractor for complex ICT projects, and IT operations management & consultancy for airports.


TAV Technologies

Microsoft Systems Administrator
  • Managing, designing, and implementing all Microsoft servers, roles and related systems of TAV Airports Holding a member of Groupe ADP companies (TAV Technology, HAVAŞ, BTA, Aerosec, Avito)
  • Mar 2023 – presentİstanbul, Turkey
  • Managing and architecting Microsoft infrastructures of more than 15 airports throughout 8 countries
  • Designing and installing new airport management systems
  • Keeping the infra secure with routine tasks (4me) and compliance tools
  • Giving Level 3 support to our teams and users
  • Senior Systems and Cloud Administrator
  • Managing Active Directory (50K Users, 20K Computers, 2K Servers), Azure AD, DNS, DHCP, SCCM, Intune (iOS, Android, macOS), M365, MS Defender AV+EDR, Exchange and Amazon SES infrastructures
  • Jul 2022 – Dec 2022İstanbul, Turkey
  • Using Jira for my projects and I also give support to our operations team there
  • Using Picus, M365 Secure Score, and CIS to harden our users, clients, and servers
  • Securing our users' identities with MFA and CA on Okta and Azure AD
  • Managing GlobalSCAPE EFT Server for critical and secure file transfer needs
  • Managing all email infra with multiple email gateways of 2 million emails received and 250 thousand emails sent
  • Giving training on my specialties to our operations team
  • Making corporate decisions for IT infra. We always try to improve and harden our systems. Also, we are commissioning new systems.
  • Aug 2021 – Jul 2022İstanbul, Turkey
    Oğulcan Özügenç
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    Senior System Engineer

    Eti is one of the biggest packaged food production companies in Turkey. Eti has more than 7000 employees from all over the world. All of the endpoints come to us, Eskişehir Center with MPLS connections.

    Feb 2021 – Aug 2021İstanbul, Turkey

    We as a 3 people team, do our best to give those employees, distributors, and customers a pleasant, 24/7 effective working IT infrastructure. I have mostly worked on the subjects below:

  • Managing Active Directory (2K Users, 2K Computers, 400 Servers), creating and closing user accounts, GPO, implementing PowerShell scripts to automate processes
  • Managing File Servers/SFTP Servers and giving users necessary authorization after approvals
  • Giving level 2-3 remote support to users from ITSM software. There are about 10-15 cases that come to me every day.
  • Managing load-balanced Exchange servers, creating and closing user accounts, tracing stuck emails, managing email distribution/security groups, planning updates/upgrades/improvements
  • Monitoring all the servers' health statuses from OMS and Zabbix, intervening in any problem before it occurs
  • Grouping user computer accounts in SCCM and deploying necessary applications etc. to related departments
  • Creating installation packages customized for Eti
  • Managing users' Microsoft licenses and assigning them to related users
  • Ensuring connectivity with AD and Azure, maintaining the Hybrid structure, making users reset their password with SSPR
  • Implementing new Microsoft cloud solutions considering security first. I have created tight policies for Azure AD Conditional Access, Intune App Protection
  • Attending necessary trainings like about GDPR
  • Escalating unsolved problems to Microsoft Support and tracking them
  • Managing, and maintaining physical servers, and switches located in the data center
  • Creating instructions for our team and other employees
  • Keeping an inventory of physical and virtual devices
  • Oct 2019 – Feb 2021İstanbul, Turkey
    Oct 2018 – Oct 2019Eskişehir, Turkey

    Ldap Information Technologies

    IT Support Specialist

    After I completed my internship at Cantaş Refrigeration, I started working at the same company's IT Department but as an outsource. I have dealt with the subjects below while I was working.

    May 2016 – Dec 2016İstanbul, Turkey

  • Installing, maintaining, and managing all the staffs' computers and phones
  • Giving immediate and necessary support to all the staff to complete their tasks without a problem and helping them
  • Keeping wired and wireless network in the company 24/7 at full capacity
  • Installing, managing, and keeping all the printers and other electronic devices working
  • Keeping companies all branches located in Turkey active, connected to the internet and communicating with headquarters via VPN, and installing, maintaining, and managing all the IT infrastructure used in these locations
  • Daily routine Antivirus software checks and making necessary security measures
  • Maintaining and managing all the servers, disk units, and services within the company and if necessary, new installations
  • Oğulcan Özügenç
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  • Necessary steps for staff changes and new recruitments (Computer setup, access to company files, creating email accounts, etc.)
  • Establishing contact with the companies we have been working with and solving problems originating from them as soon as possible
  • Creating a blog for our company
  • Implementing an ITSM system (ManageEngine) for our department
  • Cantaş Refrigeration

    IT Intern

    During my 5 months of training at ENSO Holding in the IT Department, we have supported all the companies connected to ENSO Holding which are Cantaş Refrigeration, İltekno Engineering, Esko Energy, and Cantaş Insurance. We had about 300 personnel. We did routine checks every day to ensure the security and availability of the system. Some new branches and depots were opening and we installed the necessary IT infrastructure in those places. The staff and the administration needed immediate solutions when there were problems.

    Dec 2015 – May 2016İstanbul, Turkey

    Technical Support Specialist

    Bilge Adam Academy

    I have started working here after I have completed my training in Bilge Adam. This was very helpful to consolidate my knowledge. I have dealt with the subjects below while I was working.

    Mar 2018 – Apr 2018

  • Installing, maintaining and managing computers, projections, wireless and cabled network devices in branches
  • Supporting the staff and the students in branches
  • Inventory tracking, testing and improving current hardware
  • System and Network Specialty

    Bilge Adam Academy

    With this full scholarship, 800 hours long course, I have trained in MCSE, and CCNA subjects to be a System and Network Specialist.

    Oct 2017 – Feb 2018

  • Microsoft Windows Client Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems Installation, Configuration and Management
  • Virtualization Technologies: Hyper-V, VMware ESXi (VMware vSphere)
  • Microsoft Azure, Office 365 product scenarios
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Installation, Maintenance, Backup, Migration, Upgrade, Disaster Recovery
  • Database Servers: MS SQL, MySQL
  • Cisco Network Technologies, Router, Switch & AP Configuration, LAN-WAN Installation & Management
  • UTM/Firewall (Sophos, pfSense, Cisco ASAv, Check Point) Content Filtering, 5651 Logging, Domain Integration, Symantec (SEPM)
  • Oğulcan Özügenç
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  • Routing/Switching, VLAN, Security Applications (HP, Cisco)
  • Point-To-Site, Site-To-Site, DirectAccess
  • Storage Units (HP, QNAP, Synology, FreeNAS)
  • Windows Server Backup & Restore, Disaster Recovery, Upgrade, Migration
  • Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WDS, WSUS, Group Policy, VPN, File Server, Print Server, IIS Server Role Services Installation, PowerShell Scripting, WAIK, DFS, RRAS
  • VPN Installation and Management (IPSec, Site-To-Site, L2TP)

    System Administration, Windows Servers, Active Directory, SCCM, DHCP, DNS, File Servers, Exchange, Exchange Online, Email Gateways, Amazon SES, Azure, Office 365, Linux, VMware, Hyper-V, Zabbix, Windows Defender, AIP, Intune


    Network Administration, RADIUS, VPN, pfSense, Check Point


    PowerShell, C, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, WordPress


    Engineering, Project Management, Kanban, SLA, Adobe Photoshop, ServiceNow, Bomgar, Power BI


    Shining Ones Award

    Arçelik Global

    I have researched and implemented innovative solutions that complement the existing solutions for authentication services, more manageable, secure and sustainable, and has increased the service quality by introducing end-to-end defined, traceable, process and solution for the browser extension management and e-mail service.


    WP Ustası - WordPress Installation and Support Services

    2017 – present
    Oğulcan Özügenç
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    O365 Cloud Services Transition and Hardening

    Eti Foods / Arçelik Global

    We started using almost all MS Cloud products in the project we started with the MS Teams transition. While using these products, security steps such as Conditional Access and MFA were also put in place to ensure data security.

    2019 – 2022

    SCCM Improvements

    Eti Foods

    On-prem SCCM servers were installed from scratch, and integrated with Power BI reports, and the entire environment can be managed without a VPN connection with CMG. New computer installations have been made easier by creating new onboarding packages. DP installations have been completed in 20 locations. The whole structure has been added to the monitoring system. A total of 2250 machines are managed.


    Intune MDM Migration

    Eti Foods

    1000 Android and iOS devices have been made manageable through Intune with tightened policies.


    Exchange Online Migration

    Eti Foods

    1800 users migrated from on-prem. The structure has been adjusted to be archiving to both on EXO and on-prem Barracuda.


    Microsoft Defender AV and EDR Migration

    Eti Foods

    Switched from Trend Micro on 250 servers and 2000 computers with relevant policies.


    Azure Information Protection (AIP) Migration

    Eti Foods

    With tightened policies, 1800 users have been started using instead of TITUS.

    Lütfi Murat Çağlar, Cyber Security Unit Manager, Arçelik Global
    [email protected], +90 (539) 749 09 10
    Cenk Uysal, Senior System and Network Unit Manager, Eti Foods
    [email protected], +90 (535) 693 82 02
    Hobbies & Interests
    Driving RC CarsWatching Science Fiction MoviesFollowing Technological DevelopmentsListening to Electronic MusicReading Crime BooksPlaying Games
    Oğulcan Özügenç
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