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Established technical leader with over 15 years of hands-on experience across the entire stack, with a focus and interest in front end technologies and the challenges they provide. Capable of blending technical expertise with strategic vision to drive successful project outcomes.

Proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and delivering high-quality, scalable solutions. Passionate about staying at the forefront of emerging front-end technologies, best practices and user experience patterns. Adept at fostering collaboration, mentorship, and innovation within development teams.

Jul 2019 – present


Technical Lead

Led the rebuild of three separate applications into React and a more modern stack of technologies. This included:

  • Components with CSS modules and TypeScript
  • Testing with Jest and Cypress
  • Node APIs for fetching data from upstream services and transforming for the client
  • Provided technical leadership on larger features to product, marketing and development teams. This included B2C applications on the Treatwell marketplace as well as B2B Sass products used by partners in various types of venues.

    Worked alongside native iOS/Android teams to coordinate the implementation of React Native into the Treatwell app.

    Led a team of five front end developers of varying seniority to ensure

    products are delivered efficiently, including creating backlogs, code reviews and mentoring. Worked closely with Engineering Managers to collate feedback for team members and ensure their career goals are aligned.

    Worked in a more platform focused role of front end development, assisting other engineers with leading the development of business critical features. This allowed focus on providing tooling, library/framework updates and various other tasks that support engineers day to day.

    Simon Smith
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    Keen proponent of accessibility at Treatwell and ensured the applications were a pleasant experience for less able users, including those relying on screenreaders and keyboard use.

    Designed a interview process for hiring senior front end engineers to replace the existing process. This led to the successful hiring of several engineers across different teams.

    Worked on an internal open source repository of reusable components, hooks and other modules that implement Treatwell's atomic design system. Includes atoms for Text, Button, Input as well as Molecules like Dropdown, Modal etc.

    Provided low level layout components for layout like Stack and Inline. All of this can be themed with CSS custom properties to allow different teams to adopt them.

    Dec 2018 – Jul 2019


    Senior JavaScript Engineer (Contract)

    Worked on the NowTV React + Redux single page application deployed on web and various Smart TV devices.

    Introduced Emotion CSS-in-JS library to replace existing Sass BEM styling.

    Mentored junior team members with React and JavaScript development.

    Improved accessibility across the web application by implementing WAI ARIA.

    May 2018 – Dec 2018

    Simba Sleep

    Lead Front End Engineer (Contract)

    Used Vue.js with Nuxt to build a new website that communicates with Shopify via the Buy SDK.

    Built a NodeJS Express API to wrap the Shopify Buy SDK. This also involved various non-trivial data transformations to provide sensible payloads for the Nuxt application.

    Led knowledge sharing sessions on various topics with junior members of the team.

    Carried out a round of performance focused improvements on the existing Shopify site. This resulted in a 3 second load time on mobile, down from 30 seconds.

    Assisted with interviewing and general hiring tasks.

    Nov 2017 – May 2018


    Senior JavaScript Engineer (Contract)

    Led a small team on the redesign of the existing Now TV React & Redux single page application.

    Simon Smith
    2 / 4

    Wrote, refactored and tested dozens of new components, including best practices for styling in a large code base.

    Code reviews and pairing with other team members to learn and share knowledge.

    Managing expectations with other teams in the business (design requirements, API changes).

    Oct 2017 – Nov 2017

    BCG Digital Ventures

    Senior JavaScript Engineer (Contract)
    Mar 2017 – Sep 2017

    Olive Jar

    Senior Front End Engineer (Contract)
    Aug 2016 – Feb 2017

    New Look

    Senior JavaScript Engineer (Contract)
    Mar 2015 – Aug 2016

    BBC Three

    Senior Front End Engineer (Contract)
    Jun 2014 – Mar 2015


    Front End Engineer (Contract)
    Feb 2014 – Jun 2014


    Senior JavaScript Developer (Contract)
    Aug 2013 – Feb 2014

    Universal Music

    Senior UI Engineer (Contract)
    Oct 2012 – Aug 2013

    Immediate Media Co.

    Senior UI Developer
    Dec 2011 – Oct 2012


    Senior UI Developer
    Aug 2009 – Dec 2011

    BBC Worldwide

    Lead UI Developer
    Simon Smith
    3 / 4
    Leadership of agile software projects.
    Expert JavaScript and TypeScript experience.
    Expert experience with component and state libraries (React, Vue etc).
    Mentoring and providing feedback to team members.
    Pairing with and mentoring other developers to gain and share knowledge.
    Comfortable with CLI and related software (Vim, tmux, zsh).
    Continuous integration and deployment.
    Writing documentation to support projects, particularly in open source.
    Docker and container based applications.
    Use of build tools (webpack, Rollup, Parcel)
    Architecting front end applications from scratch
    Excellent communication skills, written and verbal. Especially with non-technical team members.
    Usage of unit and functional testing to provide confidence in design.
    Expertise with CSS to facilitate component based UI development (SUIT CSS, BEM, CSS in JS).
    Management of popular open source projects.
    Implementing WAI ARIA to improve accessibility and testing with screen reader software.
    API development and design with Node.js.
    Strong experience with Git to manage source control.
    Facilitating interviews and design of hiring process for new developers.
    Native app development with React Native.
    Monitoring and debugging applications with tools like Sentry.


    Core team member. SUIT CSS was an open-source project for best practices when writing and distributing UI components. Used by Twitter, BBC and many others before more modern alternatives arrived

    Open Source

    Active on GitHub with a range of projects:


    Creating, owning and maintaining a large level design community. The site has been online for 20 years and is a recognised resource for Source engine development.

    Simon Smith
    4 / 4