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05/2024 – present | Lisbon, Portugal

  • Advanced application development focusing on UI/UX and performance enhancements, ensuring optimal efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Thrived in a global on-site work environment with colleagues from diverse international backgrounds, fostering a culturally enriched and collaborative atmosphere.
  • Employed cutting-edge technologies and frameworks like React.js, Shadcn UI, Typescript, and Next.js, elevating web application efficiency and scalability.
  • 01/2024 – 05/2024 | Izmir, Turkey

  • Managed the front end for a major blockchain project similar in scope to CoinGlass and CoinGecko, featuring dynamic data tables, charts, and continuous updates.
  • Cut project timeline by 50% and increased user satisfaction by 30% by implementing Figma designs for UI/UX.
  • Actively collaborated with cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless integration of front-end elements with server-side logic and server actions.
  • Employed cutting-edge technologies and frameworks like React.js, Shadcn UI, and Next.js, elevating web application efficiency and scalability.
  • Spearheaded web performance optimization efforts, achieving 35% faster page loads and enhancing responsiveness for smoother user interaction.
  • 08/2023 – 10/2023 | İstanbul, Turkey
  • Contributed to team-based front-end projects, focusing on responsive and user-centric design to enhance user engagement.
  • Observed and learned comprehensive project management techniques in a dynamic web development environment.
  • Gained knowledge of best practices in web development through mentorship from senior developers.
  • 03/2023 – 01/2024 | İzmir, Turkey
  • Enhanced web-based client profiling, increasing process efficiency by 30%.
  • Implemented Git for version control, reducing development time by 25% and improving collaboration.
  • Developed AI and E-commerce capabilities, enhancing personalized client services.
  • Bridged the gap between engineers and users by simplifying complex technical concepts into user-friendly solutions.
  • Enhanced communication skills and deepened understanding of user needs, crucial for crafting effective digital experiences.
  • Skills
    Front End — HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Remix, Three.js, Framer Motion, Tailwind, Zustand
    Back End — Node.js, Prisma and Drizzle ORM, MongoDB, SQL, PostgreQSL
    Tools — Git, Github, Gitlab, Jira, Linear, Docker, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Postman
  • Developed an AI SaaS application with an intuitive design and easy sign-in. Included tools for image, video, and music creation, and a versatile payment system with a free tier.
  • Created a full-featured e-commerce platform with a functional dashboard, CMS, advanced database management, and integrated payment processing.
  • Built a comprehensive e-commerce platform with an admin dashboard, CMS, and API, hosted on Vercel for enhanced performance.
  • Education

    Bachelor's Degree - Labor Economics and Industrial Relations

    Dokuz Eylul University
  • Acquired a robust understanding of economic principles, administrative processes, human resources, and labor relations dynamics through my studies.
  • This education was pivotal in honing my analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and comprehension of organizational structures.
  • Front End Development Industry Training

  • Acquired in-depth insights into industry best practices, enriching my grasp of a front-end developer's role and responsibilities in a corporate environment.
  • Benefitted from hands-on, project-based learning, gaining practical knowledge of team dynamics and project management in a development team context.
  • Utilized Git and GitHub for version control and teamwork in coding, strengthening my ability to manage and contribute to shared code repositories effectively.
  • Certificates
    Apple — Anti-Corruption -  Unconscious Bias -  Trust and Respect -  Worldwide Business Conduct -  Workplace Violence Prevention -  Inclusion in Action -  Intellectual Property  Privacy|Front End Development Industry Training — Brainnest|JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures — FreeCodeCamp|The Web Developer Bootcamp — Udemy|The Modern React Bootcamp — Udemy|Mastering Typescript — Udemy|Responsive Web Design — FreeCodeCamp|Front End Development Libraries — FreeCodeCamp|Javascript & CSS — HackerRank

    When I'm not coding, I'm a DJ and music producer. Mixing beats isn't just a hobby; it's my other creative universe. The skills I've honed behind the decks—like reading a room and quick decision-making—actually make me a better developer. So whether it's JavaScript or the latest tracks, I'm all about crafting experiences that resonate.