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Ali Kara Software Developer
Ankara, Turkiye
[email protected]
+90 506 631 12 56

Istanbul Technical University

Master Degree - Computer Engineering
2018 – 2020 | İstanbul, Turkiye

Interrupted due to frequent company field duties

Gazi University

Bachelor Degree - Electric Electronic Engineering
2009 – 2013 | Ankara, Turkiye

Nermin Mehmet Cekic Anadolu High School

High School
2005 – 2009 | Ankara, Turkiye
Professional Experience


Software Develeper
04/2017 – present

During my current position, I learned new technologies and developed various software projects to improve myself outside of work.

  • I carried out the following work steps to send data to a server from 20 different locations and to create a website or mobile application that can be accessed by approximately 10000 users.
  • Installation of Windows Server, which I use as a server.
  • Configuring MSSQL Server, IIS, FTP server and domains on the server
  • Writing a Windows Form application using C# language and transferring data to the server via WCF service
  • Writing a WCF and Web Api service on the server that applications can access
  • Database design using Entity Framework
  • Developing the website that users can access using ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, JQuery
  • I have developed a cross platform mobile application that can be used by field personnel using Flutter. By using the phone as a barcode receiver, it allows to register to system and collect the spesific products to be sold in the system. (still in development state.)
  • Developing Flutter app with multiple features like location tracking, activity reporting and offline state skills.
  • Writing restful service on the server that application can access
  • I am developing an application related to restaurant table management and menu system infrastructure.
  • Writing restful service on the server that application can access
  • Flutter mobile app to be used as client terminal.
  • Developing web application to use as admin interface using asp.net core mvc
  • Ali Kara
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  • I am developing a real-time flower purchasing auction web application for florists. Buyers can view the product and its features in real time and make an offer to buy it. I am developing the application with Angular, .Net Core Web Api and MSSQL..
  • I developed real-time SCADA software that communicates with PLC systems via C# application for use in industrial processes.
  • Full control of the system via software
  • Real-time recording and reporting of sensor data
  • Instant notification of faults and warnings to relevant persons
  • I have completed many small and medium automation projects and delivered them ready to use.
  • Aselsan A.Ş.

    Product Support Engineer
    04/2017 – present | Ankara

    I am working as a Product Support Engineer in large scale command and control projects in SST Integrated Logistics Support Department.

  • Managing the team
  • Giving feedback on whether the designs of the systems to be delivered are suitable for customer needs
  • Organizing short and long term works in the field activities with the customer before and after delivery
  • Giving training of systems
  • Making all the preparations for all field needs such as maintenance and repair and coordinating the relevant teams.
  • Identifying technical problems encountered in the field and reporting them to the design teams.
  • I am developing a web portal page in an intranet environment where department field activities can be controlled and job tracking/assignments can be made.

    Aselsan A.Ş. (Enginsoft Outsource Staff)

    Software Developer
    09/2016 – 04/2017 | Ankara
  • Developing and maintaining software for military thermal cameras and coding test interface software
  • Developing a script-based joystick control application and interface system running on a Linux-based Raspberry Pi that drives a military-type tower unit
  • Oncosem Onkolojik Sistemler Ltd. Şti.

    Software Developer
    07/2014 – 09/2016 | Ankara

    I worked as a software developer in a company that operates in the medical sector, produces devices that automatically prepare chemotherapy drugs and offers solutions to oncology clinics in every aspect. Before I left the job, I had a duty to manage the software team.

    Clinical Software Project

    Designing and coding user interfaces of clinical works used by doctors, nurses and operators, writing necessary web services, database design and software version follow-up of approximately 30 different hospitals.

    Patient Appointment Software Project

    Design and coding of treatment-based dynamic appointment system software for patients who are examined and treated in oncology clinics of hospitals

    System Integration Projects

    Determining the necessary infrastructure, creating documents, writing software and web services and performing tests within the scope of data integration and transfer project between hospital systems and company system.

    Drug Recognition and Verification Project

    Developing interfaces and web services for the identification and verification system of drugs required for the treatment of patients with the help of cameras and RFID tag readers

    Ali Kara
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    Used Techs : C#, WPF, WCF, MSSQL, Oracle, DevExpress

    Hidronerji Hidrojen ve Enerji Sistemleri Ltd. Şti

    Part Time Engineer
    07/2012 – 10/2012 | Ankara

    I worked voluntarily for 3 months in order to gain experience in my profession in the summer and to put my theoretical knowledge into practice.

    .Net Core
    Restful Apis

    Web Api

    C / C++
    ORM Tools

    Entity Framework


    MSSQL, MS Access, Sqlite, PostreSQL, PL SQL, Hive

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Server, Ubuntu

    Version Control Systems

    Git, SVN



    Asp.NET MVC

    YDS : 75

    Özgür BİLGİLİ, Team Leader, Aselsan A.Ş.
    [email protected], +90 536 414 5638
    Ali Kara
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