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Sebastian RumlSoftware Architect & Manager
[email protected]|+4915253077179|
Aberlestr. 33, 81371 Munich

I'm a Software Engineer/Architect and Manager from Germany working on digital transformation with modern technologies. For the past 15 years, I have been a hands-on and adaptable problem solver, collaborating with start-ups as well as big players in tech, e-commerce, media & finance. My experience in leading software projects and building tech organizations has shaped my role as engineer, manager and mentor. Having become an expert in hiring, coaching and managing software engineers over the years has given me the ability to hold businesses and teams together.

I love working in a high-level and hands-on mode to deliver top quality, state-of-the-art and maintainable solutions. My key to success is an agile mindset and the strong belief in enabling others to unleash their full potential.

Major Tech Skills
Programming LanguagesGolang, C#, Java, NodeJS, Python, C, C++, Elixir
IoT/DataPostgreSQL, MongoDB, Influx, TimescaleDB, QuestDB, IoT Architectures, MQTT, Azure IoT, Digital Twins, Embedded Dev, PLC
Cloud/DevOpsAWS, Azure, Terraform, Azure ARM, Kubernetes, Helm, GitOps, Serverless Framework, CI/CD, Testing, Tracing, Logging
Major Project Experience
08/2022 – 12/2022
E-Commerce Platform | Enterprise Architect | Advisior, Leading Online Retail Company (DE, Confidential)

The goal was to define an application lifecycle strategy on an enterprise level and to decide on a future enterprise architecture tool to implement the ALC. For this, I worked in close collaboration with the Managing Director of Engineering and the Head of Enterprise Architects and took care of the alignment and coordination between the different departments to define a common strategy for the company.

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05/2021 – 07/2022
E-Commerce | Product Manager | Solution Architect, Large online retail business (DE, Confidential)

The main challenge was to develop a new e-commerce platform to allow an exponential growth and to supersede the current platform as quickly as possible due to a fast increase of the number of customers. In my role as a solution architect I developed an architecture for a new e-commerce platform based on the MACH principles. Furthermore, my responsibility was to define a roll-out/migration strategy with my team to allow a flawless switch to the new platform.

05/2019 – 05/2021
IoT & Digital Twin | Cloud Native | Teach/Team Lead | Software Architectur, Large company in Industry Sector (DE, Confidential)

The aim here was to build a digital twin platform for new digital vehicles. The digital twin platform was necessary to connect the vehicles and to model the whole lifecycle of the vehicle (from production to end-of-life). In my role as the team lead and lead solution architect I was responsible to design and implement a digital twin platform based on Azure, Kubernetes, Java and Typescript. To build this platform in an efficient way and make sure requirements are met I worked closely with the management and product managers to set up a cutting-edge platform.


  • Event-driven (event sourcing) microservice architecture on Azure AKS (Java/Typescript, Service Bus)
  • Observability (Azure Monitor, DataDog)
  • GitOps / CICD (Terraform, Helm)
  • Data: MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • 10/2017 – 02/2019
    IoT | Tech/Team Lead | Software Architect | Product Owner, Large Company in Semiconductor & Electronics Industry (DE, Confidential)

    Within a multi team setup the goal was to develop an IoT platform which may be used by my client's customers for their own products. I was a lead solution architect for this platform based on Kubernetes, Kafka and Golang as the main building blocks. My focus topic was to develop a data service with my team that allowed the storage and analysis of huge timeseries data.


  • Event-driven microservice architecture on Azure AKS (Goland, Kafka, Kubernetes)
  • Data (InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Observability (Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus)
  • GitOps / CICD (Helm, Terraform, ARM)
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    01/2014 – 06/2017
    Media | Software Architect | Developer, Large Company in Media Publishing

    I took part in creating a company wide SSO system which is used for all digital products as part of the digital replatforming strategy. As a lead architect for the SSO system and the integration of the paywall system I was responsible for the architecture and in aligning with other business units and development teams.


  • Programming languages (NodeJS, Java, Scala, Ruby, PHP)
  • Web tech (Apache, Varnish, Nginx)
  • Databases (MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch)
  • DevOps / CICD (Jenkins, Chef)
  • Professional Experience
    01/2014 – presentGermany
    Software Consultant & Manager, Netlight

    As software engineer and manager at Netlight I am engaging with different clients (start-ups & enterprise businesses) in various industries such as media, industrial, automotive, finance and e-commerce. This has made me gain a lot of experience and building up expertise in many different fields. I was also part of developing and shaping the business at Netlight as well as supporting and guiding my employees as mentor.

    01/2006 – 12/2013Munich, Germany
    Head of Software Development, 3M|GTG

    My career kickstart was as head of the software department at GTG which was a small start up back then. I was responsible for the development of all software components and the management of the software development team. My role also enclosed tasks such as managing software projects, take care of the software team and handle the communication with customers. I worked closely with other departments (concept, design and mechanical engineering) to realize internal and customer projects.

    2001 – 2005Augsburg, Germany
    Dipl.-Inf./Master, University of Applied Science Augsburg

    Work proficient
    Enduro/Downhill Mountainbiking, Speciality Coffee Brewing, DIY/Craftsmanship, Urban Gardening
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