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A deep thinker who is very ambitious and a great achiever!

I love people, UX Design, psychology and advocating for those who are neurodiverse.

Five years of experience designing, developing and managing apps. Rockstar at getting apps from 0 to 1,000+ users.

Passion for problem-solving, working with people, and creating user experiences that are genuinely helpful to people. Highly motivated, results-focused, and a super communicator.

EmpathyObservation, Asking questions
User researchStakeholder Interviews, Hotjar, Google Analytics
Critical thinking
Problem SolvingUX Process, Notebook & Pen
Wireframing & prototypingBalsamiq, Figma, Marval App, Paper Prototypes
UX/UI designBalsamiq, Figma
UX Writing
User TestingIn Person, Hotjar
Full stack web/app developmentHTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Firebase, Databases, No code
Top 10 Outstanding Young People in Ireland, JCI Ireland

Drive Safe App. Innovation in Road Safety.

Road Safety Leading Light National Award, Road Safety Authority Ireland

Drive Safe App. Innovation in Road Safety

Product Management Bootcamp, BrainStation
09/2022 – 11/2022 | Vancouver, Canada
Associate Degree UX Research & Design, UX Design Institute
06/2020 – 03/2022 | Dublin, Ireland
B.Sc. Software Development, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
2014 – 2017 | Galway, Ireland
Technical Product Manager, XtremePush
03/2023 – 12/2023 | Dublin, Ireland

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform.

  • Work with teams to understand what features we should add to the platform and why they would be beneficial to users.
  • Build up ideas, by writing user stories and designing user flows so that programmers are clear on purpose of project.
  • Prepare sprints so that the programming team always have projects to work on, and ensure that we are getting the most important work done to meet deadlines.
  • Communicate with stakeholders on progress of upcoming features and provide support to unblock any issues.
  • Freelance UX Designer, Irish Apothecary.ie
    01/2023 – present | Westport, Ireland

    Online well-being store and education centre.

  • Worked with Nicola to understand her needs, pain points and goals, in order to help her redesign the online store.
  • Visited her physical store to get an understanding of her and her brand and her customers.
  • After researching best practices for shopify stores and looking at competitors, I designed mockups for the new store design.
  • After getting feedback and approval from Nicola, I redesigned her store, making it easier for customers to navigate, as well as easier for Nicola to update herself which were the two main issues.
  • Freelance UX Designer & App Developer, Karrots Fintech App
    12/2021 – 03/2022 | Vancouver, Canada
  • App to teach people better money management.
  • Worked with 3 founders to transform their idea into a visual prototype.
  • Over 6 weeks, performed research on the problem space, and user research interviews with 20 users.
  • Sourced no code dev and reduced the build quote by 83% from $60k and 12 weeks to $10k and 8 weeks in comparison to using an app development agency.
  • Projects
    Andrew's Tech Help, Founder
    2019 – present
  • I empower seniors and small businesses to become technologically independent by solving their tech problems and providing tutoring lessons.
  • 50+ happy clients.
  • DapDap Local Events App, Founder
    2018 – 2019
  • DapDap is an app I created to promote local events in my hometown.
  • Regularly communicating with users and event promoters, I achieved my goal of connecting people with each other so they could have great experiences and everlasting memories.
  • 500 events from 120 event promoters and 1,000+ users.
  • Drive Safe App, Creator
    2015 – 2017
  • Drive Safe automatically silences your phone while driving, so you won’t be distracted by it ringing. It also replies to calls and texts to say you’re driving.
  • 30,000 users in 20 countries.
  • 2 National Awards for innovation in road safety.
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