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Manuel VogelSenior Cloud Architect / Engineer

Manuel has strong expertise in architecting on AWS and migrating to AWS, e.g., through all phases of the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). Furthermore, as well in software development (Golang, Java, TypeScript, python3), operations (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, terraform), CI/CD pipelines, DevOps/FinOps Culture. His expertise lies in highly scalable, resilient, monitorable, and secure Software Architecture for distributed and event-driven systems.

He aims to deliver and run high-quality software in quick iteration cycles, optimize resource usage, and minimize costs. Furthermore, he can deliver complex technical topics to various audiences compared with his coaching and presentation skills.

Major Tech Skills

Solution Architecture, automation, serverless

Infrastructure as code

terraform, terragrunt, aws-cdk


helm, kustomize, fluxCD, ArgoWorkflows


Prometheus, Grafana, OpenTelemetry, OpenSearch


Golang, Java, Typescript, testing, TDD, DDD


RDS, Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB

Manuel Vogel
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Major Project Experience
09/2023 – present
Cloud Solution Engineer, Deutsche Bahn AG - Projekt Reisendeninformation (DE)

Working as DevOps Engineer, closely with the platform and engineering teams to


  • Co-leading the engineering team to prepare the migration to managed AWS accounts with GitOps for 100+ engineers
  • Consulting in various topics with AWS and introducing patterns and best practices
  • Technologies

    AWS, Kubernetes, GitLab, Helm, Kafka, Open Telemetry, Flux2

    03/2023 – 06/2023
    Cloud Solution Architect (AWS), checkMK GmbH (DE)

    Manuel was responsible for migrating the product to the AWS cloud and transforming it into a SaaS product.


  • leading through the Mobilise AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) phase.
  • hands-on building a cloud-native architecture, decoupling infrastructure and software deployment automation based on AWS SaaS best practices
  • organizing/participating/holding customer workshops in security, architecture, and cloud excellence based on the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA)
  • guiding the migration journey into the cloud for their customers, including coaching sessions for the organizational change from silos to a DevOps model
  • providing architectural and technical concepts on how to set up and split the on-premise product to a multi-tenant architecture on AWS
  • Technologies: AWS (API Gateway, EKS, Cognito), DevOps, Automation, Terraform, EKS, Kubernetes, kustomize, helm

    12/2022 – 01/2023
    Cloud Solution Architect (AWS), finnova AG Bankware (CH)

    Manuel was responsible for implementing multiple PoCs, such as API Gateway with mTLS and EKS pod authentication with SecretsManager in the AWS cloud.


  • setting up the infrastructure behind with VPC links, a NLB, and ALB with a static response to keep it simple.
  • Delivering code in Golang to access SecretsManager via the ServiceAccount of a k8s namespace.
  • providing high security by only allowing the needed protocols and ports
  • Elaborating further use cases, such as onboarding and offboarding new users with client certificates
  • delivering the solution as IaC with terraform in their self-hosted GitLab, including detailed architecture diagrams.

    Technologies: AWS (VPC, NLB, ALB, API Gateway, EKS, SecretsManager, ECR, IAM), TLS, Terraform, GitLab, Golang, Kubernetes, Docker

    Manuel Vogel
    2 / 7
    03/2022 – 11/2022
    Lead Cloud Solution Architect, Large Technology Company (DE)

    Manuel was responsible for migrating the product to the AWS cloud.


  • leading through the 3 AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) phases (Assess, Mobilize, Migrate, and Modernize)
  • organizing/participating/holding customer workshops in security, architecture, and cloud excellence
  • improving the migration journey into the cloud for their customers (technically and organizationally)
  • providing architectural and technical concepts on how to set up and migrate the on-premise product to a multi-tenant architecture on AWS
  • Technologies: AWS (Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA), Migration Factory), DevOps, Automation

    05/2022 – 05/2022
    Cloud Solution Architect, Homify Online GmbH (DE)

    Manuel was responsible for troubleshooting the AWS cloud.


  • fixing the DNS and VPC setup for AppRunner services for accessing internal services and external URLs
  • providing a workaround for AppRunner to use Route53 subdomains in a custom setup.
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC, AppRunner, ECR, Fargate)

    10/2021 – 03/2022
    Cloud Solution Architect & DevOps engineer, spryker systems GmbH (DE)

    Manuel was part of the platform engineering team.


  • analyzing the existing setup for deploying the Spryker webshop product in customers' AWS accounts (SaaS)
  • providing architectural, and technical concepts on how to improve the solution in short, middle, and long-term perspectives in terms of reliability, stability, and observability
  • questioning each part of the deployment architecture and its components and also providing various solutions on how to improve them
  • hands-on implementation of these concepts with the platform team in the existing
  • defining a concept on how to roll out infrastructure changes on 80+ AWS accounts with confidence
  • building dashboards for DevOps metrics in Newrelic
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC, Code (Build, Pipeline)), Docker, terraform, python3, Newrelic

    11/2021 – 12/2021
    Lead Cloud Solution Engineer, zerolens GmbH (AT)

    Manuel was the lead for the platform team.


  • designing and implementing an infrastructure on AWS from scratch
  • building a custom solution for scaling an ASG of an ECS cluster with GPU instances
  • building and optimizing Docker images for a rendering service
  • creating CI/CD pipelines on GitHub actions for respective services
  • Manuel Vogel
    3 / 7

    Technologies: AWS (VPC, ECS with GPU), Docker, terraform

    09/2021 – 10/2021
    Cloud Solution Engineer, Large advanced manufacturing company (DE, confidential)

    Manuel was part of the infrastructure team


  • analyzing the existing terraform setup for 3+ customers, which was slightly different each time
  • consolidating the different setups into separate terraform modules
  • recommending, convincing, and applying best practices, such as small modular and highly configurable modules. Also, the usage of existing public modules and the
  • addition of pre-commit hooks, documentation generation, and git tagging
  • creating a single repository using the newly created modules in a composable structure to keep the terraform remote states small and allow multiple engineers to modify the infrastructure independently from each other.
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC, EC2, RDS, R53, ASG, IAM), terraform

    09/2021 – 10/2021
    FinOps & DevOps Engineer, Large travelling company (DE, confidential)

    Manuel was part of the infrastructure team.


  • analyzing the existing kubernetes EKS setup on AWS along with the whole AWS account structure
  • building a BI Dashboard with AWS Quicksight to extract data from the Cost and Usage report with Athena and Glue for better cost visualization.
  • using Cloudformation to build the solution as infrastructure as code
  • providing customer documentation and team enablement to use the solution
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC, LoadBalancing, EKS, S3, Cost Explorer, CUR), Kubernetes, kubecost, Quicksight, Athena, Glue, SQL, Python, Cloudformation, Lambda

    04/2021 – 09/2021
    Lead DevOps Engineer, idealo Internet GmbH (DE)

    Manuel was part of the platform team.


  • designing a reference architecture on AWS with Well-Architected-Framework (WAF) best practices
  • delivering the infrastructure-as-code in terraform with reusable modules
  • designing and developing Microservices in Golang running on orchestrators like ECS, connecting to Confluent Cloud and other data sinks
  • leading and training the in-house team in terraform, Golang, Test-driven development, and software craftsmanship in various formats like presentations, hands-on workshops, MOB, and pair programming.
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC, LoadBalancing, ECS, S3, Cloudwatch, Athena, Keyspaces), Golang, Kafka (confluent cloud), terraform, Apache Cassandra

    Manuel Vogel
    4 / 7
    02/2021 – 04/2021
    Cloud Solution Engineer, smava GmbH (DE)

    Manuel worked hand-in-hand with the platform and engineering team to design a Landing Zone and implement a PoC for application migration.


  • designing a reference architecture on AWS with Well-Architected-Framework (WAF) best practices
  • building a Landing Zone (LZ) concept, Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Okta in a brownfield environment.
  • delivering the infrastructure-as-code in Terraform with reusable modules
  • working closely with the Platform team on designing a migration strategy and security concept for migrating existing workload accounts
  • providing training for the platform and engineering teams regarding best practices on AWS in workshops.
  • Technologies: AWS (VPC (API-Gateway, Transit Gateway, Peering) Control Tower, GuardDuty, Service Control Policies, SecurityHub, LoadBalancing, ECS, RDS, CloudMap), Okta, terraform.

    12/2020 – 03/2021
    Cloud Solution Engineer, Medical startup (DE, confidential)

    Manuel worked with the DevOps Team migrating from a German cloud provider to AWS.


  • performing a lift & shift migration strategy of a microservice architecture from another cloud provider to AWS
  • using Well-Architected-Framework (WAF) best practices
  • building a Landing Zone (LZ) concept with GuardDuty and SecurityHub and Service Control Policies, Single-Sign-On (SSO) via AzureAD (O365), and a backup strategy.
  • adding cost transparency and resource tagging concepts
  • delivering everything-as-code with a GitOps Workflow in Gitlab and its CI and a terragrunt reference architecture
  • conducting a requirements analysis and handover workshops for developers and the DevOps mindset.
  • Technologies: AWS (Codepipeline, ECR, ECS, EFS, S3), Mongo Atlas, AzureAD, terraform, terragrunt, Node.js, GitlabCI

    04/2019 – 12/2020
    Cloud DevOps Engineer, Deutsche Bahn AG - Projekt Reisendeninformation (DE)

    Manuel worked on the platform team, building AWS solutions with Kubernetes and Kafka.


  • operating 5+ Kubernetes clusters with Rancher
  • enabling multiple Teams in DevOps practices and culture
  • developing centralized CI/CD services, enabling and teaching teams to use them in desired formats
  • redesigning and shaping central processes, tools, and release processes across the project with 120 developers.
  • redesigning and developing a highly important Kafka stream application in Java8 and Golang to increase overall performance, availability, stability, and reduced space and resource consumption costs.
  • Manuel Vogel
    5 / 7
  • setting standards in project structures and development, like conventional commits, generation of changelogs, and documentation along with the project.
  • spreading the FinOps mindset to create awareness for costs and implementing small disposable environments for testing and sandboxing.
  • Technologies: AWS(VPC, EC2, RDS), Kubernetes, Rancher2, Helm3, terraform, Kafka, GitLabCI, Golang, python, Java8, Docker, Prometheus, ELK, KANBAN, Scrum, Nexus, SonarQube

    Professional Working Experience
    07/2023 – presentFrankfurt am Main, Germany
    CEO & Senior Cloud Architect / Engineer, MV Consulting GmbH

    Manuel's tasks are, besides running the business as MD, building AWS Solution Architectures, and specializing in Landing Zones.

    Furthermore, he provides DevOps support and tooling & implementation and cloud-native development.

    01/2023 – 06/2023Berlin, Germany
    AWS Evangelist, kreuzwerker GmbH

    As AWS Evangelist, Manuel is one of the leading technical faces outside of kreuzwerker and internally for guiding technical discussions and challenging AWS Solutions.

    11/2021 – 12/2022Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Co-founder & Head of Solution Architecture, kreuzwerker Frankfurt GmbH

    Manuel is now responsible for AWS Solution Architecture by consulting clients in a guided but also hands-on way to implement the best solution architecture for the AWS cloud

    11/2020 – 10/2021Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Co-founder & Principal Consultant, kreuzwerker Frankfurt GmbH

    Manuel was the "Swiss army knife" for building up the Frankfurt Entity of kreuzwerker - I build it, run it, and see new business opportunities. He was responsible for all technical concerns including hiring processes and automation.

    04/2019 – 10/2020Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Freelance Cloud Engineer, Manuel Vogel Consulting

    Manuel's mission is to deliver and run high-quality software in quick iteration cycles, optimize resource usage, and minimize costs.

    10/2017 – 03/2018Mannheim, Germany
    DevOps Engineer, Stocard GmbH

    Manuel was responsible for codifying and ramping up infrastructure with terraform, managing Docker swarms, and automating everything with bash, typescript, and go.

    10/2015 – 09/2017Karlsruhe, Germany
    Research Associate, University of Applied Sciences

    Manuel was among other tasks a teaching assistant for undergraduate students in Java and Databases and a lead developer for a hybrid web app.

    10/2012 – 05/2015Karlsruhe, Germany
    Software engineer, 1&1 Telecommunication SE

    Manuel was responsible for backend services powering the order process for DSL landlines for new and existing customers.

    Manuel Vogel
    6 / 7
    10/2015 – 04/2018Karlsruhe, Germany
    Master of Science (M.Sc.), University of Applied Sciences

    Software engineering with emphasis on efficient algorithms, software architectures, cryptography, mobile, and distributed systems.

    Grade 1.5 (scale from 1-5 with 1 being the best)

    10/2008 – 10/2012Karlsruhe, Germany
    Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.), University of Applied Sciences

    Successfully accomplished Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online courses at Stanford in 2011. Specialized in software engineering, parallel programming, and computer vision. Tutor in object-oriented programming and data structures in Java and C++.

    Germannative|Englishfull working proficiency|Spanishhighly proficient
    Muay Thai|Travelling|Yoga
    Manuel Vogel
    7 / 7