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Kevin Liebholz Job Description

proven track record of taking on challenges & responsibilities in different areas

enthusiastic and quick to work on different topics

e.g.: RailsConf talk / Meetup talks / workation


work as a developer & PO / Bachelor's degree in Business / entrepreneurial experiences

proactively stepping into roles & projects beyond the department

e.g.: introducing a company-wide event where the engineering & product team educates the company about recent product developments

creating communities

e.g.: Backend Book Club / organizing company events

asking for high flexibility in organizing myself
thrive in environments with great company culture
not open to moving as of now but open to traveling (not long-distance everyday commuting)
Uni until a Bachelor's degree

Lead, inspire, and coach teams in roles that demand a blend of technical proficiency, team leadership, strategy, and a commitment to sustainability.

Job Description
lead, inspire, and coach a team and its members to enable them to grow professionally
bringing forward the company's vision
strategic decisions, working on the big picture
ensuring that development and decisions are close to customers'/users' needs
improve/develop processes
actively shaping company culture
ideally a mix of tech/engineering and product
Roles looking for
Leading Roles
  • Team Lead, Engineering Manager (or similar)
  • PO/PM with leadership direction
Fullstack / Backend Engineer
  • with direction towards leadership
Companies looking for
strong impact and vision for creating a sustainable tomorrow
technology and customer-driven
high transparency and integrity with an understanding that the employees are the heart of any company
Scaleup/Medium Sized Businesses; international company preferred
Hybrid with a tendency to in-office, flexibility needs to be provided
workation possible
86.700€ - 103.300€ depending on Equity and bonus regulations
With 1-2 months notice
Contact me

Please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn to discuss opportunities that align with my skills and aspirations. If you want to get my CV, you can find it on my website.

I look forward to exploring how I can contribute to your team. Thank you!