A passionate and driven multimedia professional committed to creating games that blend the culture of people with technology. I am congenial, team-oriented, and always ready to learn something new. As a formally educated sound and technology professional, I feel that a position in technical sound would be a great fit, however, I really enjoy working with object scripting and game mechanics development.

Unity Development
*C#, (.NET), *LINQ, *Augmented Reality, *Agile Development *Object Oriented Programming *Visual Studio *Git/GitHub *Plastic SCM *CinemaMachine *Timeline
Unreal Engine 5
*Visual Scripting *C++ Scripting *Game Development *Environmental Design *Sound Design in UE *Meta Humans *Virtual Production
Drone Operator
*Cinematography *Photography *Inspection *Manual Flight *Flight Path *DJI Mavic 2 and 3 Platforms
Sound Engineering
*Sound Design *Set Sound Mixing *Foley Recording *ADR Recording *Sound Editing *Wwise *FMod *Pro Tools *Ableton Live *FL Studio
Visual Art
*Adobe Photoshop *Adobe Illustrator *Adobe After Effects *Aesprite *ProCreate *ArtStudio Pro *Autodesk
01/2022 – present

Roboy Micro Game

Designer / Developer / Music / Art
  • 2D Platformer Metroidvania Microgame
  • Game Design / Script Development / Asset Creation
  • 05/2020 – 06/2020

    Table Spheres

    Creator / Developer
  • Ambience and Sound Application for Table-Top Games
  • Apple Swift / iOS App Development / Music and Sound
  • 2019 – present

    Web Development
  • Using HTML/CSS/JS to create my online portfolio
  • Custom web design and markup.
  • Professional Experience

    Game Developer

    Red Rook Games
  • Create and Manage Scenes
  • Navigate in 3D space in the Scene view
  • Navigate in 2D space in the Scene view
  • Understand Unity’s history and role within the industries that rely on real-time creation.
  • Describe the real-time production cycle
  • Identify the default elements in a new Scene
  • Create GameObjects
  • Manipulate GameObjects
  • Work with components and Scripts
  • Change the appearance of GameObjects
  • Implement basic physics for GameObjects
  • Create and share builds
  • 02/2023 – present

    Professional Unity Developer Program


    The Professional Unity Developer Program from GameDevHQ delivers career-ready software engineers. The program focuses on using game development as a gateway to software engineering. Students who complete this program are qualified for junior-mid-level software engineering roles in the games industry and beyond.

    After completing our curriculum, our students are able to do the following:

  • Develop and improve game systems (AI, UI, tools, etc.)
  • Code core systems and gameplay mechanics
  • Implement game features and systems in Unity/C#
  • Architect event-driven systems
  • Profile & optimize applications
  • Experienced with Agile development
  • Experienced with Git/Github
  • Experience publishing multiple game titles
  • Work well with designers and artists
  • C# concepts mastered include the following:

  • Classes
  • Static Types
  • Enums
  • Dictionaries
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Delegates and Events
  • LINQ
  • Game Programming Design Patterns
  • Scriptable Objects
  • Unity Web Requests
  • All projects created by the student in this program demonstrate a high-level mastery of the Unity platform as well as the full software development life cycle. The curriculum completed includes the following:

  • 2D Vertical Shooter
  • 2.5D Platformer
  • 3D First-Person Shooter
  • 2D Mobile Game Development
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enterprise App solutions with AWS Integration
  • Unity Profiler and Optimization
  • Skills:

  • Unity Development
  • C# (.NET)
  • Game Development
  • Software Development
  • 01/2023 – presentDallas, United States

    Drone Pilot Inspector

    Bees360, Inc.

    Conduct underwriting and claims inspection contracts for home insurance companies.

    06/2022Dallas, United States

    Drone Videographer (Film, TV, Digital Media)


    FAA Part 107 licensed drone operator for video projects.

    10/2015 – presentDallas, United States

    Digital Media Contractor

  • Film Post Audio
  • Film Sound Design
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual FX
  • Game Audio
  • Game / App Development
  • Design / Visual Art
  • 2010 – presentUnited States

    Sound Specialist - Contractor

    Film & Television Industry

    Film, Music, and Design work for all forms of media, including narrative, interactive, corporate, internal compliance, and new media.


  • Sound Design
  • Foley Recording
  • Production Sound Mixing
  • Music Mixing / Mastering
  • Location Recording
  • Studio Recording
  • Sound For Film and Games
  • Education
    10/2011 – 05/2015

    Bachelor's Of Science - Music Production

    Full Sail University
    Unity Essentials PathwayJunior Programmer
    Wise 101Certified End User
    FAA - Part 107FAA - 4759116
    Computer Science 101C#, C++, Java - Sorting

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