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Full Stack Web Development

TypeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Astro, HTML/SCSS, Tailwind, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Sanity, Performance Testing, Jest, Cypress

Databases, Deployment & Tools

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Netlify, Vercel, Google Cloud, Docker, Git, PostMan, Twilio

Professional Experience
Full-Stack Web Developer, DhammaDevs - Consulting
  • Implemented a modern multi-page web portal for Perma Cast, a leading Calgary construction company, incorporating Astro, Sass, and Vanilla JS, while also facilitating automated resume uploads to Google Drive. *Actively Maintaining*
  • Digitized Yuli Prokop's Psychological Practice, including booking system, through Astro, React, & SASS, & hosted on Netlify. *Actively Maintaining*
  • 2020 – presentCalgary, Canada
  • Crafted a comprehensive web experience for Amanda Prokop, a local Massage Therapist, using Astro, SASS, and Vanilla JS. *Actively Maintaining*
  • Developed Paw-Patrol, an open-source, single-page GPS tracking app designed for pet and child monitoring, leveraging Adruino, React, Leaflet, Express, Sequelize, and TypeScript.(video demo)
  • Full-Stack Web Developer, Technologies and Beyond - FL2F
  • Worked on a high-priority 5-month contract, to digitize Prof Yadid-Pecht's Women Empowerment workshop.
  • Architected and executed the end-to-end development of 8 web applications, such as implementing user & cohort management, peer-assessment (Johari-window) app, and student activity tracking.
  • 2023Calgary, Canada
  • Developed a deployment pipeline for multiple dockerized applications via Google Cloud Platform.
  • Reduced facilitator onboarding time by 80%, translating Excel documents into app-driven solutions
  • Redesigned and launched FL2F's website utilizing Astro, Sass, and Vanilla JS, with deployment managed through Netlify.
  • Rebuilt and Modernized the Course Website, employing React, Redux, Node, and Express for optimized user experience, resulting in a 79% increase in user satisfaction.
  • Full-Stack Web Developer, Alberta Vipassana Foundation (volunteer)
  • Introduced an innovative digital solution for the AVF, becoming the first Center in Canada to digitize charity tax receipt issuance for Vipassana Centers. Developed with the MERN stack, this app streamlined the donation process, inspiring nationwide adoption among other centers for its efficiency and technological advancement.
  • Initiated and led the ongoing development of a Volunteer Feedback application, supported by Vite, Express, PostgreSQL, and Sequelize for back-end and data management. *Actively Maintaining*
  • 2022 – presentCalgary, Canada
    Canada Learning Code, Volunteer Mentor
    2023 – present