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Computer Engineering | 3nd year | 3.5/4, Eskişehir Technical University
2020 | Eskişehir, Türkiye

Google Developers Student Club

Supporting Team Member | 2021-2022

Co-Leader | 2022-Now

Huawei Student Developers

Team Member

.Net Backend Education Program, Akbank & YetGen
Sep 2023 – present
FrontEnd Academy, Sisterslab
Oct 2023 – present
Professional Experience
Technical Web Leader, YetGen
Jun 2023 – present

We are concerned with YetGen's website processes. We use Wordpress with Elementor and CSS.

Education Leader, YetGen
Jun 2023 – Oct 2023

Taking part in the yetkin gençler competence and awareness program as a education group leader. I lead 26 people at every 3 mont education period.

Trainee, YetGen
Apr 2023 – Jun 2023

YetGen is a 12-week 21st century competencies training program where pieces of training such as effective presentation techniques, teamwork, career planning, excel, information / media / finance literacy, social innovation, and GirişGen process have been organized.

English (High working proficiency)

I learn how to use React without watching videos, in order to get accustomed to reading documentation. I am also putting what I have learned into practice by working on projects. Wordle is my first React project.

Product Management Website

This web application provides a platform to efficiently manage and showcase your products.built using Next.js NodeJS and MongoDB. This web application provides a platform to efficiently manage and showcase your products.

Login Page

This is a web application project that provides user authentication functionalities, including a login and registration system. The application is built using NextJS/React, NodeJS, NextAuth, MongoDB frameworks/libraries used in my project, and it allows users to create accounts, log in securely, and access their personalized dashboard.

Medium Clone using Bootstrap

I made a Medium main page clone to practicing Bootstrap.

Women Techmakers Turkey-Central Asia, Ambassador

As a Women Techmakers Ambassador, I am passionate about empowering communities through event organization, public speaking, content creation, and mentoring.

SistersLab, Design and Social Media Team Leader
Aug 2022 – Jan 2023

I am voluntarily taking charge of the design and sharing process of social media, as well as providing communication between teams. Sisterslab is an association that works to offer women more equal conditions in the STEAM fields.

NotTutuyoruz, Content Writer

I write articles about topics that interest me.

Öğrenci Kariyeri, Content Writer
Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

I have written news articles in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.